The Evolution of The Self-Care Solution

The Self-Care Solution cover

Two decades, three separate attempts, 10 zillion “I can’t”s, five zillion, “I/you never will” (a few of those coming from my beloved, well-intentioned children), and many of them coming from the naysayer, the self-doubter, the disbeliever who hangs out in my mind. The one who nearly every single time I sit down to write pulls up a chair next to me and asks me cynically, “who are you to…?” and “who really cares about what you have to say?” (Quick interruption: I hope that you do! And if you do, I want to let you know that pre-orders from Amazon often determine the fate of a book’s sales. You can pre-order The Self-Care Solution—A Modern Mother’s Essential Guide to Health and Well-Being today)!

“Well…umm…I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a deep thinker, a reader, a questioner, a truth seeker, and a writer…and I had to write this book. I have a story to tell. A message to deliver—a message of hope and inspiration to other moms,” I would respond, some days more confidently than others.

I could not, would not let that big bad voice win.

Because this time was different. This time I implemented all of the necessary self-care tactics needed to take me to the finish line. I sat alone in my office for thousands of hours, sometimes feeling lonely, sad, anxious, and thinking of all that I was missing on the outside, wondering if it was all worth it, especially when my writing was stale and the big bad voice would not shut up. There were days when I ignored friends, family members, the laundry, the grocery store, and sometimes even my children and husband because I needed that kind of focus—the block-everything-else-out kind of focus. I dug deep, practiced yoga, meditated, saw a therapist, was painfully honest with myself, faced my demons and my insecurities, and reminded myself of my gifts and strengths. I listened to voices of hundreds of other mothers who were willing to share their truths with me, and pored through hundreds of pages of research on physical, mental, emotional, and relational self-care.

And most importantly, after nearly five years of this behind the scenes work, I filtered through all the information, insights and advice I gathered from other moms, various experts, research, and my own personal experiences, and documented the most essential elements of self-care for moms in The Self-Care Solution.

“Aren’t you scared,” the voice would ask me. “Terrified,” I say, my voice shaking. “I reveal myself in ways that I never have. I feel uncomfortably exposed. I am petrified of being judged.”

The voice still doesn’t understand, “If it feels so scary, then why are you doing it? You don’t have to, you know.”

“Oh, but I do,” I say.

“Because it’s time. To trust. To believe. To let go. To release the thoughts, the feelings, and the words, and let them soar.

This is my self-care.”

And it is my deepest hope that through your reading of The Self-Care Solution, you will find yours.

Go ahead and preorder your copy (and a few extras to give to your favorite mom friends and family members) from Amazon today! They will arrive in time for Mother’s Day 2016!


  1. Boom. Preordered ☺

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  2. juliecgardner says:

    This: Because it’s time. To trust. To believe. To let go. To release the thoughts, the feelings, and the words and let them soar.

    Way to be brave, Julie.

  3. Oh Julie, congratulations! What a journey. I’m so happy for you. This book will no doubt help many mothers, and has already helped you.

  4. Pre-ordered and cannot wait to read it!!

  5. Julie Jo Severson says:

    This is so awesome. I’m just so impressed and excited for this book to come out. I Just pre-ordered mine, too. I need to read this book even more than I need new socks. And I really, really need new socks (along with better bras, a massage, a girl’s night out, a vacation, more exercise, a personal chef, etc. etc).

    • Julie, :)! Thank you! You know you can order socks (and bras) on Amazon too ;)! And I hope you get to all those other self-care items on your list as well (or at least some!). Thanks for the support!

  6. Congratulations, Julie.

  7. Julie, you are SO gutsy……and SO talented. I cannot fathom doing that–the writing, the sharing and barring your soul, the research, all while keeping up with your normal busy life. You are impressive and have much to teach us! I look forward to reading your book. Congratulations on this accomplishment!


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